Professional Training Report


  • Test: All Features of Complete Health Analysis + Uncover your complete bio physiology for optimizing your athletic performance.
  • Based on your assessment, receive tailored food recommendations.
  • Personalized Supplementation Recommendation.
  • Food Additives to Avoid.
  • Live discussion with a professional health consultant to explain your report.
  • Results in 2-3 weeks.

Sample Collection Method: Hair and Saliva.


Uncover your complete bio physiology for optimizing your athletic performance. Assess your ATP capacity, fatigue resistance, recovery factors, inflammatory markers, hydration status, optimal hormone levels, and more.

What’s Included



Athletic Training Test

All Features of Complete Health Analysis + Uncover your complete bio physiology for optimizing your athletic performance.


 Personalized Food Recommendation

The first and easiest step to optimizing is to restrict foods which might be causing stress to your body’s digestive or immune system. Dealing with some foods can drain the body’s energy resources and stop the absorption of nutrients which are crucial to enzyme and metabolic function.

Food AI


Personlized Supplements

Skip subjective supplementation and get a pure, potent dose of nutrients tailored to your exact needs and desires determined by our test. Receive research-backed supplements proven to nutritionally support goals of better health, mental/emotional well-being, longevity, weight management, pain management, and more.

Why Take This Test?

Athletes, from weekend warriors to professional athletes, require personalized nutrition to achieve peak performance. Data-driven insights play a vital role in optimizing athletic nutrition. By analyzing an athlete’s genetic predispositions, nutrient requirements, and metabolic factors, personalized nutrition can fine-tune their diet and supplementation to enhance energy levels, muscle recovery, and overall performance. This individualized approach can provide a competitive edge and support long-term athletic success.

All Athletes require optimal circulation to reach peak performance.

You can support your circulation with good nutrition and some simple exercise and lifestyle choices in your report. Optimal Circulation can be supported by specific nutrients, as an athletic individual it is important to receive your nutritional balance on a daily basis. 


Is to provide you with a 90-day peak performance plan to identify your needs, increase your optimal physical and bio-chemistry resourcing. This will allow your body to deal with these ongoing changes by utilizing all known dietary and nutritional resources identified in your program.

How It Works

Complete Epigenetics Screen

This non-invasive test requires only a small sample of hair and saliva. We will send you a kit within 70-10 business days with a prepaid envelope.

Receive Your Epigenetics Report

Two business days after we receive your sample, you will receive a comprehensive report that will provide vital health details, associated dietary, nutritional, and life-style recommendations to improve your health.

Personalized Nutrition Plan

After you’ve received your Epigenetics Report, you can opt in to receive a custom designed dietary and supplement plan based on your individual needs for optimal health.

Lifestyle Support

Achieving and maintaining optimum health can be challenging, we therefore work alongside healthcare professionals and coaches to support you through the ongoing process of achieving your health goals.