Vegan Immune & Wellbeing Report.


12 Key Optimization Indicators
• System support indicators
• Immune Support Indicators
• Gut Support Indicators
• Cardio support indicators
• Resistance indicators
• Environment indicators
• Food & addictive restrictions
• Vegan Foods to Eat

  • This at-home Vegan Wellness test is designed to help identify many of the common environmental influences that could be leading to a less-than-optimum output of your genes, enzymes or metabolic function.
  • The report will rank the immune system support response by low (sensitive to food), medium (intolerant to identified food), or high (allergenic to food item)​​
  • The report also provides you with a 90-Day Plan for dealing with
    these issues for optimizing your health through dietary, nutritional programs.
  • Sample Collection Method: Hair​​ and Saliva.
  • Receive Results Online Within 24-Hours Of Our Lab Receiving Your Sample


How The Test Works

After you purchase a test, we will send you a detailed step by step run through via email, but here is a summary.


Right After Your Purchase

You will receive a Kit within 7 – 10 business days with a prepaid envelope.


Gather Your Sample

You will be asked to pluck four strands of hair and put it in the envelope. Then proceed to collect your saliva and put it back into its hermetically sealed tube.


Send Your Sample To Us

Once you are done gathering the sample, you will send it to our lab.


After We Receive Your Sample

Two business days after we receive your sample we will send your personal report to the email with which you made your purchase.